LiFePO4 Batterie12.8V/150Ah

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LiFePO4 Batterie12.8V/150Ah

Power up your devices with our advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and Solar battery. Keep your devices powered and capture stunning moments with the long-lasting Trofoty battery.
  • Introduction
  • 12V 150Ah Storage LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Solar Battery Pack

    Battery TypeTFT256200
    Nominal Voltage12V12.8V
    Nominal Capacity150AH
    Cycle Life5000
    recharging current0.2C standard/0.5C maximum continuous charging
    Discharge current0.5C standard/1C maximum continuous discharge
    Applicationsolar energy storage systems,electric power systems,home appliance,electric vehicle,golf carts,electric bicycle/scooters, electricwheelchairs,boats,submarine,power tools,electric folklifts,consumer electronics,toys

    High Quality Storage Solar Batteries 12 volt 150ah lithium ion battery for Solar System

    200A continuous output voltage can continuously charge big-power devices.

    The intelligent BMS system can accurately control the battery to improve the lifespan, no explosion, no fire.can perfectly match all solar inverters and solar projects.

    .Brand new Grade A lithium battery, more than 5000 times deep cycle, up to 90% DOD.

    We accept OEM with your logo design.